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Arcade games for your business

Are you looking for an arcade room for your business?  Buying an arcade game is expensive. Keeping a game up and running is a full-time job itself. West County Arcade is the answer. We have arcade games all over Northern CA. We partner with businesses to fill your arcade room and provide the maintenance to keep the games up and running.

How does it work?  Our sole business is as arcade operators. You provide the business and foot traffic and we supply the full arcade and keep it running perfectly while you focus on what you do best…run and grow your business. We split the arcade revenue with the business owner. We have many different revenue split options. Depending on the specific setup, whether we run the redemption counter or you run the redemption counter, the split is 60/40 either way on all arcade revenue. If we run the redemption counter (Pro tip: Always have redemption games) then the split is 60/40 our way. If you run the redemption counter, the split is 60/40 your way. There are special circumstances of course, so please contact us to chat about it.

What games can I get in my business?  We have every type of arcade game under the sun. The more popular your location and the more foot traffic you get, the more incentive we have to fill your business with great games.


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